Our Mission

Our mission is to promote excellence in the field of intelligent systems and enhance efficiency of our business and research partners by means of artificial intelligence.

About Us

Our Story

We are a young and experienced engineering and research team spread around the globe. Our team members have collaborated with several industrial institutions including ABB, Audi AG, Modelon AG; some well known research institutions as Virtual Vehicle Research Center from Graz and NASA JPL; and some highly ranked universities such as Imperial College London, Politecnico di Milano, Kings College London and University of Zagreb.

What We Do

We provide a research and development based platform supporting young researchers and engineers in exploring, extending and exploiting the field of artificial intelligence.
Our expertise covers the fields of applied mathematics including control theory, optimization, motion planning, probability and statistics, machine learning, graph theory, game theory and signal processing. We implement these methods to the field of artificial intelligence, addressing some challenging problems in a variety of applications including self-driving cars, mobile robotics, biomedical engineering, data science and embedded systems.


Control Theory

Embedded Systems


Machine Learning

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